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Hello! This is my site and I want to show you how I can help you with your health and fitness goals. 


Hello again! I have been in this industry for roughly 5 years and have trained hundreds of clients in their pursuit towards healthier lifestyles, but have always found a place in my life for fitness. As far back as I can remember, my mother had placed both me and my sister into sports. One season we would play baseball, the next soccer, and in between we had to try different things (i.e. gymnastics, volleyball, and later football). It might have been to keep us both out of trouble, but it solidified a place in my heart for physical activity.

Don't let my profession fool you into believing that I am just another muscle-headed jock. Far from that actually (and no offense to the muscle-headed jocks). If I wasn't on the field as a child then I was either reading a book, studying for school, playing video games, fixing something, or just arguing about my convictions with other friends ("debating"). However at the end of the day I was exhausted from one practice or another. 

It only seemed natural to find me in a gym during my life, but that didn't come till later than most. Besides sports and a semester of weight training at Pinole Valley High School, I was nowhere near a gym enthusiast. Quite the contrary I had been completely oblivious to the world of weight loss and muscle building. After high school I pursued a career in Computer Arts: Gaming (YES I am a game nerd) at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. A few years into the program I started doubting myself and the choices I made which was very uncharacteristic of me. I had already started frequenting the gyms shortly after high school ended and you could usually find me with a Men's Health under one arm, a protein shake in the other and an arrogant look on my face that said "Don't bother me. I know what I'm doing!" I didn't.

It was between my 3rd and 4th year of college that I decided to hire a personal trainer. Not only was I NOT seeing results, but the stresses that came with family and school were starting to take it's toll. Almost immediately my trainer (which later became my mentor and reason for the career change) changed everything I thought I knew about training. Not only did the change in lifting with proper form (position, breathing, tempo, etc), but also the way I looked at food and prepared it was altered. I was told that if I wanted to lose more of my body fat I had to eat more... MORE! He was the professional so I did what he said; skeptical. Do you know what though? It worked!

Besides how I looked in the mirror I also saw other subtle changes like my energy levels were through the roof and I was handling the stress outside of my gym life with much better ease. Working out I believe literally saved me and I am grateful for my trainer every single day of my life. Working out with Ben I had become enamored with health and fitness.

At one point Ben had asked me that if I wasn't happy with where the road was taking me, why not think about a career helping others the way he had helped me. The seed was planted. I took many other jobs through and after college, but nothing really captivated me. Somewhere along the way I did end up getting certified as a trainer and didn't immediately put my credentials to work. I continued working out regularly, preparing my own meals, and doing cardio as much as I could, but never really thought that a personal trainer was a viable way to make a living.

Two years after college; two years dedicated to trying to hone the craft that I was supposed to learn there, and two years into a job I couldn't stand I was faced with a decision. Either I could start walking into big name companies with my demo reel and inevitably live my life in front of a computer screen while creating more and more individuals that would contribute to the obesity epidemic, OR I could walk into some health facilities with my resume (almost non existent) and convince someone to give me a shot. Jenn Aguirre gave me that shot. I got a call back from her almost immediately and she wanted to do an interview the next day. I was scared to DEATH, but I knew I wanted it bad enough. 

We did the standard Q&A and my lack of previous experience was evident. I was nervous when she brought me on the floor and told me to put her through stuff that I learned as though she was my client... Jenn is a competitor. Jenn trains competitors. Jenn looks like a competitor. I was nervous. After what was probably only a few minutes, but felt like hours she brought me back to the office and let me know when my first day was. I thanked her and I was so excited that she saw something in me to give me a shot. 

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