Previously obese and unhappy


"When I started training with Nick I was obese and unhappy. I was so self conscious of the way I looked and had no confidence in myself. When I met Nick he told me that if I listen to him and I give it everything I got that I will have the body I always wanted. He dedicated so much time into me physically and mentally. He built my confidence and made me prove to myself that I can do it. Even when I was frustrated and upset he made sure I never gave up. He gave me the tools and resources I needed to change my life and I'm so thankful for that. He didn't just pay attention to me during my hours of training, but he was there if I ever had any questions or concerns. I was even annoying enough to send him pictures of all my meals just to make sure I was doing everything I could to get the results I wanted.



Don't get me wrong. Training with Nick was Incredibly hard and took an incredible amount of dedication, but it was worth it. I finally got the results I wanted: I went from 223 lbs. and 49% body fat down to 147 lbs. and 15.8% body fat! I can honestly say that without Nick by my side I would not have achieved these incredible results! He truly changed my life."

-Amanda S.