Developed endurance and strength beyond my imagination


"3 years ago I was looking for an opportunity to get in shape. My inside sensor was sounding off and it was time to shed some pounds. At that time I was working out at home a few days a week, but still eating fast food and just caught in a vicious cycle. It was time to make some changes! I walked into Nick's class and he gave me his contact info and I called the next day. I met him at class, he sat down with me one on one and I told him my goals - he created a nutrition/training program and I started that night. My life changed forever - and soon later... I was addicted to the results!!! I'm 43 years old, a mother, wife, with many outside obligations, and I work full time approx. 50 hours a week. It didn't matter how busy my life was, I knew I needed to find time for myself and my health. So I dedicated myself to fitness. Off the top I lost 20 lbs. and developed endurance and strength beyond my imagination - I soon surpassed my original goal.

Today, I'm still going strong! On average, I work out 3 days a week, doing both cardio and weight training. I've never felt happier, stronger, or [more] confident in my own body. I'm forever grateful for Nick's knowledge, creative workout plans, patience and encouragement."

-Kuuipo C.