I reached out to him & he answered. That's how it all began....

I have been going to gyms for years but have not seen the results that I wanted.
Not willing to deal with some newly developing health issues I knew that I needed help & I needed it fast.
While doing a web search for local boot camps & trainers I came across Dedicated2Fitness and its founder Nicholas.
I reached out to him & he answered. That's how it all began....

Even though I have only been training with Nick for 2 months I have achieved more than I have on my own for years.

Workouts change all the time and are quite challenging which helps you stay motivated.

I have never worked so hard or sweat so much in my life. 
I am utilizing muscles that I never even knew were there. Ohh you will definitely know they are there the day after !
The payoff is that I have more energy; I am becoming stronger with each day; My health issues are melting away along with body fat & inches;  I am just a happier person all around. 

If you want to get toned, lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, get healthier, meet some wonderful people whose energy you can feed off or just to find out what you are made of  - I definitely recommend this place.

It's very hard to take that first step but do yourself a favor - get in touch with Nick as soon as possible! He truly understands what your goals are and will help you reach them. You just have to listen to him, trust him  & work hard.



The "before" pictures looked like REAL people!


I have waited to post my review and with New Year's around the corner, I feel like it's time. 

I was initially amazed with his reviews and the people in the "before" pictures looked like REAL people showing the results I was looking for in the "after" shots. But I wasn't ready a year ago, I was intimidated. I didn't feel like I would succeed.

Now, here I am a year later and 2 months into my training with Nick. I've learned there is no quick fix, but more importantly I've accepted that there is no quick fix. So now, I'm learning and accepting that this is a lifestyle change I'm making with Nick's guidance. 

Nick is awesome because you can tell he is truly invested in your success. But what I appreciate the most is how he creates a welcoming and supportive environment through everyone in the workouts.





Rhodora C.

It's impossible to not see amazing results.


Where do I begin? Nick absolutely loves what he does. He truly is compassionate about his clients and what they want to achieve. I have been with Nick for two years now and I have to say that I have never been able to achieve the results I wanted, doing it any other way. When you stick to his plan for you, it's impossible to not see amazing results. He switches up his routine twice a week and makes sure that we target all of our muscle groups. It's never boring and the workouts are never repetitive. He's very motivating and the group is fun and very positive! Great person to workout with. Wouldn't go anywhere else.


-Patricia M.