The "before" pictures looked like REAL people!


I have waited to post my review and with New Year's around the corner, I feel like it's time. 

I was initially amazed with his reviews and the people in the "before" pictures looked like REAL people showing the results I was looking for in the "after" shots. But I wasn't ready a year ago, I was intimidated. I didn't feel like I would succeed.

Now, here I am a year later and 2 months into my training with Nick. I've learned there is no quick fix, but more importantly I've accepted that there is no quick fix. So now, I'm learning and accepting that this is a lifestyle change I'm making with Nick's guidance. 

Nick is awesome because you can tell he is truly invested in your success. But what I appreciate the most is how he creates a welcoming and supportive environment through everyone in the workouts.





Rhodora C.